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Flexicon ULTRA™ - The Power of One

16th February 2017

Integrity * Strength * Assurance

Flexible conduit solutions for performance and safety critical systems


NEW! Flexicon ULTRA™ fitting – for non-metallic conduit. It delivers astounding all round performance. A single pushtwist and seal fitting that is fastersafer, has excellent: pull strength performance, vibration and dynamic performance, ingress protection and sealing performance.

  • ULTRA™-Strength - Pull off Strength Performance
  • ULTRA™-Sealing - Ingress Protection & Sealing Performance
  • ULTRA™-Integrity - Vibration & Superior Dynamic Performance
  • ULTRA™-Security - Anti-tamper Performance
  • ULTRA™-Simplicity - One piece simple push fit




  • One Piece - Integrated Sealing Technology
  • IP68, IP69 performance
  • Simple push and twist connection



  • 360° Strength - all round teeth
  • 70kg Tensile Strength
  • Anti-tamper, Dynamic & Vibration performance



  • Lifetime sealing & reliability
  • Independently tested to extremes
  • UK Manufacturer



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