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Marshall-Tufflex introduces new Universal Switch and Socket Boxes

8th March 2021

MIDA supplier of cable management solutions, Marshall-Tuļ¬„ex has introduced four new Universal Switch and Socket Boxes to its product range. Simplifying the stock requirement for wholesalers, the new designs feature knock outs for both 20mm round conduit and mini trunking (25 x 16mm).


The new Universal Switch and Socket Boxes are suitable for a variety of applications, designed with a choice of either square or rounded corners. Single gang boxes feature one knockout for mini trunking and one for conduit, whilst twin gang boxes feature three knockouts for mini trunking and three for conduit. The new design aļ¬€ords users with a number of options, depending on where the box is installed and the required cable feed entry point, as either left, right and or centre.


Demonstrating its commitment to providing professionals with robust products that meet requirements for ease of installation and an eļ¬ƒcient speciļ¬cation, the new boxes have replaced a larger range of switch and socket boxes with varying knockout conļ¬gurations.


By simplifying the range, installers will beneļ¬t from boxes that can be used for a variety of diļ¬€erent installation requirements, with less variations to store or manage on-site.


Using 20% recycled material, (a particularly high level for a moulded product), these boxes have also been manufactured with the environment in mind. Jon Chamberlain, commercial director at Marshall-Tuļ¬„ex says: “With sustainability and recycling at the heart of our business, we are proud that this launch will not only improve simplify order and stock management for our wholesale partners, but also further reduce our impact on the environment. By reducing the number of diļ¬€erent products in the range, the need to change tools and the associated material and energy waste is also lessened within the manufacturing process.


“We remain committed to ongoing product development that provides excellent, high quality solutions for our customers as well as improving our environmental impact as much as possible.”


To ļ¬nd out more about the new Universal Switch and Socket Boxes, and Marshall- Tuļ¬„ex’s commitment to sustainability, please visit www.marshall-tuļ¬„ex.com


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