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Now Eaton Soft Starters Cut Wiring Time and Cost

7th November 2012

Savings in wiring time and cost are offered by new versions of the popular DS7 soft starters from Eaton’s Electrical Sector which now feature built-in interfaces for the revolutionary SmartWire-DT panel wiring system. This means that the new soft starters need no conventional control wiring, using instead convenient plug-in connections that not only save time and money, but also make wiring errors almost impossible.


Eaton is offering its full range of DS7 soft starters, which covers power ratings from 1.5 kW to 110 kW at 400 V, in versions that incorporate SmartWire-DT interfaces. In all cases, the SmartWire-DT connection not only allows start-stop control of the soft starter but also provides the control supply, and allows read/write access to key operating parameters.

In addition, the soft starter can transmit diagnostic data and status messages via the SmartWire-DT connection, and this information can be accessed either by the control system or, without taking the soft starter out of service, by a laptop computer as an aid to commissioning and servicing.


All Eaton DS7 soft starters, including the new versions with integral SmartWire-DT interfaces, incorporate the company’s patented asymmetrical trigger control technology, which eliminates the dc components in the motor current that are produced by conventional two-phase controlled soft starters.

This means that the motor starts more smoothly and with less vibration, and that the start-up times can be minimised. The performance of DS7 soft starters is therefore fully comparable to that of bulkier and more costly three-phase controlled soft starters.


Eaton’s space-saving DS7 soft starters are an attractive and beneficial alternative to conventional star-delta starters in a wide range of applications, such as pumps, where their ability to eliminate water hammer reduces wear on the whole installation; fans, where they reduce wear on drive systems; and conveyors, where smooth starting and vibration-free operation not only minimises equipment wear but also the risk of product damage.


All versions of DS7 soft starter fit seamlessly into Eaton’s comprehensive xStart range of motor switching and protection products, and they are ideally suited for use with PKZ and PKE motor protection circuit breakers to produce complete motor starting and protection solutions. For maximum user convenience, a tool-less plug-in assembly procedure is used for connecting the soft starters to these protection devices.


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