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Scolmore pioneers next generation in integrated LED Downlights

8th November 2012

Scolmore has launched what it is describing as the industry’s most sophisticated integrated LED downlight to date - one that will provide contractors and installers with a high light output, high performance product that can be fitted into the shallowest of ceiling voids.


Inceptor is a fire-rated, integrated LED downlight with pre-wired driver and flow connector.   It combines a number of key features which the company believes sets it apart from competitor products.  Unique to Inceptor is the innovative flexi-driver element which means it can be fitted in to a recess depth of just 60mm - making it one of the most flexible fittings currently available.


The Flexible Driver Mount which connects the driver to the LED assembly allows the product to be mounted in two configurations - open and closed. The product will come packaged in the closed configuration for standard installation into a ceiling void with a depth of 90mm or more. However, for installations that have shallower ceiling voids (60-90mm) the user can unclip and pivot the driver so that it lays flat beside the LED (the open configuration).  This means that the driver remains without strain on any electrical connections even when it is positioned remotely.


Scolmore has also integrated its popular Flow Connectors into the product, which will make the product quick and easy to install as well as to remove and replace for the purpose of circuit testing.


Inceptor incorporates Scolmore’s award-winning FlameGuard® system technology, offers a 90-minute fire rating and is acoustic and airflow compliant.  It will be available in dimmable and non-dimmable options, both packing a lot of power into a very compact design and offering Part L Compliance.  The product utilises a Luxeon® Rebel chipset, boasts a 400 lumen output, an even spread of light - with a 35° beam angle - and a L70 LED lifetime of up to 80,000 hours.


Also unique to Inceptor is the QR (Quick Response) code carried on the product itself, which allows for the technical specification sheets to be downloaded via a smart phone to facilitate the installation and inspection. 


Marie Parry, marketing manager says:  “The advancement in lighting technology is continuing at a fast pace and the market is moving more and more towards products that are not only high performance and energy-saving, but are much more simplistic and therefore quicker and easier to install.  What we have done with the Inceptor LED Downlight is to combine the very best of the features and technologies that we have developed over recent years into one high-performance, highly compact design that offers a range of solutions in one.”


For further information, contact Scolmore on 01827 63454, or visit www.scolmore.com.


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