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Zano dimmers perform against other LED dimmers

21st July 2021

We know from being independently tested out on the field that our dimmers come up trumps time and time again for performance and usability.  


Not only are they rated 5 stars by electricians and wholesalers up and down the country. But they’re as easy to install as a standard switch and have more installer-led functions than most other leading brands of dimmers on the market.


But then again, why would we say otherwise? 


Time and time again we’ve been asked to publish the results of our testing in order to demonstrate how Zano dimmers REALLY perform against other LED dimmers on the market.  


We’re pleased to report that this time, your wish is our command. Over the course of the past few months (May-June 2021 to be exact) we set to work conducting this test in the fairest and most accurate way possible.  



The fair test: dimmer comparison:


  1. Our independent variable in this fair test was the brand of dimmer used. We chose what each brand classes as their ‘low module dimmer’ - a module dimmer that tends to control around the 100W/VA mark. 


  1. The dependent variable is how the dimmer performs. We measured things such as programming ability, spanning, and product features. 


  1. The controlled variables are the environment, conditions, and the lamps used.  


To sum it up, each dimmer was tested in the Zano testing lab, under the same conditions, using the same lamps.  


While we tested a range of lamps with each dimmer, we only changed change one factor at a time while keeping all other conditions the same. Furthermore, the method we took to measure and record each dimmers performance matched each time.  



The results: LED dimmer comparison 


While it would be contentious to go into great detail on individual brand performance, to view the results of the fair test you can download our dimmer comparison chart. 



The findings: LED dimmer comparison 


Key finding #1: Some dimmers have a limit to how low the minimum can be set, making it ineffective for low level dimming.  


Key finding #2: Some dimmers can automatically dial back their maximum so that the dimmer functions correctly, this clever feature means that these dimmers avoid top level flicker whilst maximising light output.   


Key finding #3: Some dimmers cannot have their settings adjusted whilst on. The dimmer must be disconnected to do this, making it difficult to set the required level as the lights aren’t on whilst it is being adjusted.  



Performance of Zano’s module dimmer the ZMO150


Alongside the findings above, the results produced by Zano’s ZMO150 are as follows: 


Out of all the dimmers tested, the ZMO150 had a far superior range. Dimming 0-150W/VA LED.  


The ZMO150 dimmed the highest wattage, reaching 150W/VA. 


Unlike all the other LED dimmers tested that had a maximum lamp limit, the ZMO150 has no lamp limit - meaning that as many lamps can be used to make up the total load.  


Pioneering Learn & Adapt technology in the ZMO150 works with the installer in mind, automatically learning the circuit’s load to adapt accordingly. This gives your customer full use of the 0-150W/VA load, regardless of how many lamps are fitted. 


With the ZMO150, you can programme the dimmer whilst it’s on, meaning that the lamps can have their pre-set levels set precisely to ensure that the dimmer is programmed to always keep within a consistent range of lighting output. No guess work involved.  


The ZMO150 can dim to 0. Providing ultimate low-level dimming.  


Zano Controls’ Smart Settings inside the ZMO150 solve a whole host of LED dimming problems. From low-level flicker to drop out and lamps out of sync with each other or failing to turn back on... these LED headaches have a big impact on user experience and result in unnecessary call outs. Simple to programme and designed not to revert to programming mode once installed, Zano’s Smart Settings enable you to set the minimum level, maximum level, start level and boost level, ensuring the ultimate user-experience with and flicker-free & silent dimming every time. 



How do the LED dimmers perform with lamp brands? 


As above, you can find out further details of the results by downloading our dimmer comparison chart.  


But excitingly, the ZMO150 achieved the maximum light output and minimum light output consistently throughout testing with a variety of different lamps, but what really shines through in demonstrating the superiority of the ZMO150’s technology is that it consistently dimmed a significantly higher number of lamps than any of the other dimmers tested.  


With all these results and more, the ZMO150 is by far and away the most superior of the lot. Even better? Affordability. It’s our best technology, at our lowest price. 


We’ve built all our latest LED dimming innovation into this 0-150W/VA dimming module. With Smart Settings, Learn & Adapt technology, easy-fit installation, and even greater lamp compatibility the ZMO150 delivers flicker-free and silent dimming on every 0-150W LED installation - and it's available at a great price. Drop into your local wholesaler on give our team a call on 0345 519 5858 or email, sales@zanocontrols.co.uk



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