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The existence of buying groups was first born out of the understanding that privately owned independents needed greater buying power to stand up and compete against the national wholesalers.

The need for such buying groups is unquestionable. However, for the same reason why these businesses first became established, a further need soon became a stark reality. This was with the small to medium sized independents, who being unable to gain support of the old establishments, found themselves having to contend with so much more - knowing as they did that they didn't have the luxury of any national resources behind them.
MIDA was therefore born on the 1st October 1984.

With a carefully crafted policy, and the much needed services from within the industry, MIDA began to develop rapidly, demonstrating its commercial belief, that the company enables single independents to achieve incomparable results, by utilizing strength in numbers.

Today MIDA boasts an unrivalled business solution with an operating turnover in excess of £280million and a 100+ branch network of members throughout the UK, Ireland, as well as some specialised subsidiaries in other parts of the world. MIDA is highly regarded and established now as one of the leading buying groups in its field.


The team here at MIDA is long-serving and dedicated to the group’s cause. Strong relationships are adopted and nurtured to attain a genuine understanding of all group needs. We all serve our associates with a passion and personal interest that will be hard to find elsewhere. Here we coordinate the power of our quality membership, to help promote business autonomy, and hope that the individual successes of all will be one and the same as the groups. MIDA's commitment is to be everything that it can be to all whom are involved.


MIDA will go from strength to strength, and it will continue to evolve through the vital relationship with the members. We learn from our experiences and become better and stronger because of them.

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