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The leading purpose of MIDA is to use the strength of its numbers to nurture the very best commercial benefits for its members. Although built on the foremost need for strong competitive invoice solutions, the rewards of group membership are far more diverse and difficult to minimise here.


Our commitment to our members is to fulfil the ever changing needs in their businesses as the industry evolves and requires change. Whether with leading brands, best prices or the best quality products with the latest innovation, MIDA strives to be everything that it's much valued associates need the group to be.


We ask members to consider the group as an extension of their own business, and in working closely, we better serve members by enhancing the buying element, thus allowing them to drive forwards clearly knowing first that they have all the best tools at their disposal to make their business even more effective.


Through the right relationships with our supplier partnerships, we tirelessly work to provide the members with access to brand suppliers, with added services and resources that otherwise may not have been available:


  • account opportunities with market leading brands
  • best commercial terms with incremental discounts, prices and rebate rewards
  • better marketing
  • enhanced promotional incentives
  • 24/7 online group buying resource
  • group catalogue
  • group Inter-trading with national outlets and service points
  • group forum
  • efficient dissemination of group and industry data/price files/guides/reports
  • group strategy meetings

plus so much more...

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