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Ansell Adds UK First Innovation to its Emergency Exit Range

6th May 2022

Ansell Lighting has added two game changing new exit products to its extensive range of emergency lighting.


The unique Adler LED Exit Sign and Adler Slim Exit Box are versatile luminaires used to mark fire exit locations. An essential lighting option for use in commercial and public buildings, emergency exit products are required by law to ensure that people can easily find the quickest route to safety in the event of a fire or similar emergency.


Adler LED Exit Sign

The first of its kind registered design of the Adler LED Exit Sign features fully rotatable legends which allow the direction of the arrow indicators to be changed as required, making the luminaire is extremely versatile and adaptable.  Suitable for installation in almost any setting, the fitting has been innovatively designed to offer five different mounting options - ceiling, wall, recessed, suspended or side arm wall.


Available in both a black and white polycarbonate casing, the Adler Exit Sign has an LED lifespan of L70, 36,000 hours and delivers 25m viewing distance in dark environments.


Low maintenance, Ansell’s intelligent self-test emergency technology is also integrated within the luminaire, eliminating the need for manual testing. Instead, it conducts routine functional and duration testing automatically and in-line with legal standards. 


Powered by LiFePO4 Lithium battery, the Adler LED Exit Sign comes with a five year product warranty and five year battery warranty for added assurance. 


Adler Slim Exit Box

Suitable for surface mounting, the Adler Slim Exit box is a low profile, compact LED luminaire ideal for marking emergency exit routes and doors.


Supplied with a five year product warranty, it is constructed from a durable polycarbonate material and features rotatable legends allowing the direction of the arrow indicators to be altered as required.


Available in both black and white finishes, the Adler Slim Exit Box has an LED lifespan of L70, 36,000 hours and delivers 35m viewing distance in dark environments. It is powered by a LiFePO4 Lithium battery and also benefits from Ansell’s intelligent self-test emergency technology which automatically conducts routine functional and duration testing, in-line with the legal standards. 


Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Emergency exit lighting is an essential element of any public lighting scheme.  Legally required, it can help save lives in the event of a fire or other danger. The two genuinely innovative product designs combine the latest technology and design to create a modern solution that is both reliable and durable.  They offer real flexibility and are also easy to maintain.”


For more information about Ansell’s industrial range, visit https://www.anselluk.com/



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