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Latest News In February 2016


AICO on tour

Market leaders in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection products, Aico is pleased to announce its first ever roadshow, Ask Aico, which will run from April to June in major cities across Great Britain.


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Optimum Charge Rate with Scolmores USB Outlet

We have come to rely on smart phones and tablets in our daily lives and the ability to recharge these devices has become critical. Scolmores USB socket offers a faster, more powerful charging solution for the portable electronic devices we have come to rely on. The 2.1A USB outlet guarantees the optimum charge rate regardless of the device charging.


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Scolmore adds wide rockers added to popular Polar range

The latest addition to Scolmores Polar range of premium bright white wiring accessories is the new Wide Rocker Switch, which has ease of use as it main benefit.


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New AHD CCTV camera accessories from ESP

Following the launch this year of its new HDView CCTV collection featuring the latest AHD, Analogue High Definition technology, ESP reminds wholesalers about the accessories needed to get the very best from this new technology.


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Severe weather warnings are increasing the demand for Heat Mats ice and snow melting cables

Heat Mat manufactures a large range of winter heating solutions for melting dangerous ice and snow.


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No future for OLEDs in general lighting

OLEDs, once a promising technology to rival LEDs, will not work for general lighting as they are too expensive to make, says Olaf Berlien CEO of Osram.


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