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Ansell Upgrades Popular Emergency Downlight

21st March 2023

Falcon Pro features revised aesthetic, DALI technology and longer warranties


With a new aesthetic and improved functionality, the team at Ansell lighting has unveiled a new addition to the popular Falcon emergency downlight range.


Whilst sustaining its innovative, interchangeable, open area and escape route lenses, the new Falcon Pro has been launched to include DALI technology, providing an array of programming and monitoring benefits. 


Available in both black and white finishes, the Falcon Pro has retained its ultra-low profile design but has been brought up to date with a flatter, more uniform shape and surface.  Other changes also include a longer, six-year Lithium Pro battery warranty, six-year product warranty and 59,000 hour lifespan.


Self-test as standard, the Falcon Pro also features intelligent technology that conducts routine functional and duration testing in-line with the relevant standards. Eliminating the need for manual testing, automatic fault indicators improve the speed and accuracy of maintenance.


The Falcon Pro is powered by a Lithium Pro battery, which uses pulse rather than trickle charging so that less strain is inflicted on components. Built-in battery protection also provides constant monitoring against short circuit, over-charging, and mechanical damage whilst the lithium battery has a lower parasitic load for reduced power consumption and lower operating costs.   


Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “The Falcon downlight has proved to be a very popular product for emergency lighting schemes. Economic to run, its high-performance optic design delivers a wide beam of light, requiring fewer luminaires to be installed, reducing installation and operating costs. 


“The new upgrades are set to further increase the appeal and functionality of the Falcon Pro. The addition of DALI technology offers users improved control and take its energy saving properties one step further, whilst longer warranties will offer users added reassurance.”


For more information about Ansell Lighting’s products visit Ansell Lighting (anselluk.com)




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