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Docs-Store introduces electrical warning labels.

2nd November 2023

Docs-Store has introduced a comprehensive range of electrical warning labels to our range of compliance documentation.


All our Electrical Safety Labels meet the current IET Wiring Regulations, BS 7671, providing electrical contractors with the correct information on each label.


Docs-Store labels are manufactured in the UK, from a uniquely developed Polygrip material. Polygrip is an extremely durable, non-rip synthetic with a powerful adhesive and is waterproof. These properties make our labels very long- lasting.


The range of labels is supplied in uniform-sized euro hook bags that are 100% biodegradable. This includes the higher quantity value packs.


These flat packs when displayed stand out on any trade counter avoiding a haphazard mismatch.

Electrical warning labels are essential for electrical safety and are necessary to identify and warn people of potential electrical hazards. One of the key requirements is that the warning labels must be easily visible and legible from a reasonable distance. Individuals need to quickly identify and understand the information provided on the label before work is undertaken or during an emergency. High voltage risks at home or in the workplace can be very dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. Yellow warning labels can be incredibly helpful in preventing accidents related to electricity at home or in the workplace.


These risks can be extremely dangerous and may result in serious injuries or even death. By alerting people to the hazards and main dangers associated with electrical currents, these warning labels serve as a reminder to take necessary precautions. Some of the bestselling warning labels available are explained below.


Live Electrical Connection Labels.

These labels are a requirement of BS 7671 regulation 514.10 for voltages exceeding 230 volts and warn people to expect that a voltage exists. Voltage is the electrical pressure that drives electricity through a circuit. The higher the voltage, the more dangerous the electrical hazard. Voltage warning labels are typically yellow, and the level of voltage is displayed in big black bold writing, along with a lightning bolt symbol on them. This makes them highly visible and easy to identify. The most popular electrical voltage labels are danger 230 volts, danger 240 volts, and danger 400 volts.


These yellow warning labels warn people that a piece of electrical equipment is live, meaning that it is carrying electricity. Live electrical equipment can be very dangerous, and even a small electric shock can be fatal. Live electrical connection labels are typically yellow, and they have a lightning bolt symbol on them.


Caution cable harmonisation labels.

Caution cable harmonisation labels are used to indicate that an electrical installation has cable colours that conform to two versions of a wiring standard. This is typically done when an older installation is being upgraded to meet the latest standards, without having to replace all the wiring. To ensure they adhere to the British Standard BS 7671 wiring regulations, the current wiring colours were introduced in 2004, before coming into full effect in 2006.


Earthing Labels.

BS 7671 Regulation 514.13 states that a durable warning notice dependent on the type of bonding shall be securely fixed in a visible position.

In addition, we offer these as a Tuff Tags which are extremely durable. These Tuff Tag Safety Electrical Connection Labels have a self-tie loop lock mechanism so don't require any adhesive. Simply feed the Tuff Tag back through the dumbell slot to secure it.


Solar PV Labels.

In addition to the requirements of BS 7671 Section 514, PV systems labels and signs shall be installed in accordance with Regulations 712.514.101-103.


Docs-Store has a set of labels that covers the labels required for a PV installation.





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