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Making EV Charger Cables Disappear with D-Line

2nd November 2022

As we strive for innovation and doing things better, D-Line appreciate when innovative electricians use our products to create new and better ways.


A design focus on ‘time, safety and appearance’ makes popular combos of D-Line trunking and our fire-rated Safe-D fasteners; for example, Spring Clips in D-Line micro trunking, and when U-Clips or F-clips secure cables in other D-Line trunkings.


Adam Stears of SOTA Electrical, from Fareham, recently videoed a new combo that makes the EV-charge cables ‘disappear’, with a very satisfied client > and a result we’re delighted to share!

In SOTA’s installation, the cable is routed vertically from the charger to be inconspicuous near ground-level. Then D-Line 50x25mm trunking and EVFIX10-17 Adjustable Clips are simply installed using D-Fix fire-rated screws. Next the 16mm diameter Doncaster EV-ULTRA cable is tightly secured by the wrap & lock design (using the Clip for cable diameters between 10-17mm), before the 1/2-round trunking is click-locked shut.


Please CLICK HERE, to see Adam’s innovative use of D-Line wrap & lock EV-Fixings, inside D-Line 50x25mm trunking. The result is 18th Edition compliant installation, quick to install, that is ‘outstanding, for not standing out!’, if that makes sense. Whereas the exposed armoured cable would’ve been an eyesore on magnolia finish, here ‘seeing is believing’ as the SOTA Electrical installation blends with the property.


While D-Line wrap & lock EV-Fixings give ‘quick install, look great!’ finish around cables, we respect how SOTA’s addition of D-Line trunking is taking ‘quality of finish’ to a higher standard all round.


If you have any innovative applications of D-Line products, that you’d be happy to share, please give us a shout at D-Line Trade 0191-2360960, or email trade@d-line-it.com.


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