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Sangamo timers and heating controls now offered in silver and black

8th June 2022

ESP made a significant investment in its Sangamo timers and heating controls last year to revamp the entire range and introduce key features that would help boost the products’ energy saving properties.   Now Sangamo has expanded the range further to introduce two additional new colour options across all products offered, and in doing so becomes the first company to offer a choice of colours across its traditional timers and controls product range. 


The full range of Sangamo Timer Controllers, Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and Programmers is now all available in a choice of three colours, with silver and black added to the original white finish – taking the full range up to 30 individual product lines.  ESP believes this will satisfy a fast growing demand among end users and building owners for a departure from the usual white finish to add a more stylish look to an interior setting. 


Energy efficiency remains at the top of the agenda for the economy, businesses and householders.  The Sangamo range of heating controls offers features that will assist with efficiency and performance and will ultimately help drive down energy usage and costs – a critical consideration for consumers at a time when energy prices continue to rise.


The Sangamo offer can be broken down into four main product categories - Timer Controllers, Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and Programmers – with a total of 15 products making up the comprehensive range.


The Timers collection of products is designed for simplistic ON/OFF manual or scheduled control for heating and lighting applications.  The range has been expanded with a total of three new products, each one introducing the addition of a fused spur switch for additional protection for high loads. 


The Thermostats range of products - designed for controlling heating system via an electronic sensor – now totals five products.    


The Programmable Thermostat products are designed for controlling heating applications via an electronic sensor or programmed schedule, and ESP has added one new product to this range.  All thermostat products have been upgraded and now offer TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control for heating efficiency.  In addition, the programable thermostats include an optimization feature; Optimum Start/Delay Start and Optimum Stop, for extra efficiency. 


The Programmers are designed for heating and hot water controlled independently across separate channels via a programmed schedule.  A total of three products make up this range varying from 1-3 Channel options and including an optional service interval function to assist with Gas Safety Regulation compliance.


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